February 22 & 23, 2014 Race #1,Fun at Fort Weekend, brought to you by Santa Cruz Bicycles. South Individual
North Individual
South Team
North Team
March 8 & 9, 2014 Race #2,Granite Bay Grinder, brought to you by Primal Wear. South Individual | Ind. OverallNorth Individual | Ind. Overall South Team | Team OverallNorth Team | Team Overall
March 22 & 23, 2014 Race #3,Flowing Fun at Central Coast Classic. South Individual | Ind. OverallNorth Individual |Ind. Overall South Team | Team OverallNorth Team |Team Overall
April 26 & 27, 2014 Race #4,NorCal Championships, Boggs Mountain brought to you by Levi’s GranFondo South Individual | Ind. OverallNorth Individual |Ind. Overall South Team | Team OverallNorth Team | Team Overall
May 11, 2014 State Championships. Leguna Seca. Must qualify South Individual | Ind. OverallNorth Individual | Ind. Overall South Team | Team OverallNorth Team | Team Overall

25 Season Bonus Point Qualifiers

This is not State Champ Qualifications – see below.

Each rider who races in all 4 NorCal Races will earn an addition 25 Season Bonus Points at the end of the final League Race.  These points will only be added to the Individual’s Overall Points.  They will not be included in Team Points.  A rider must complete the race in order for it to count.  Thus, if a rider has DNF’d a race, it will not count.  If a rider is pulled, that results will be counted.


As of Race #3 Central Coast Classic, these are the riders for the SOUTH and the NORTH who currently qualify for the 25 Season Bonus points.  If these riders complete the final race at Boggs, they will earn an additional 25 Season Bonus points.  Any questions – email

State Champs Qualifiers

For more information about State Championships and qualification rules, see the latest Single Track Times.  Wondering if you’ve qualified? As of Race #3, here are the lists of qualified riders for the SOUTH Conference and NORTH Conference.


How the qualification tables are made:

1. Determined for each category, who the top 70% of riders were.  70% was rounded up.  So for example: If there were 36 riders, 70% of 36 is 25.2.  Thus, the top 26 riders were considered “top 70%”.
2. DNFs were included in the number of riders that raced in a category.
3. Determined how many races a rider had raced.  If a rider DNF’d that is considered a race.  Petitioned riders can count any race they raced in, regardless of what category it was under.
4. If a rider placed in the top 70% in at least one race, and raced in three races, they qualified.  If the rider is a Varsity rider, the “top 70%” rule does not apply.


If you have any questions, please email  Provide the bib #, the place (e.g. 10th out of 36), and races (race #1, etc) of your rider for each race they completed.

Result Questions?

If there are problems with the results or other scoring issues contact Angel Garbarino.  Problems must be reported within 48 hours of posting preliminary results. Thank you for your patience — we work hard to get it right.

NICA Awards

Each January, at the NICA Awards Banquet, we formally honor and acknowledge the student-athletes, coaches, volunteers and partners that have demonstrated outstanding dedication and/or made tremendous contributions toward the development of high school cycling. Nominations for the NICA Awards are open each year from April 1 to November 1. Click herefor more information and to submit a nomination.

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