Coach Retreats

NorCal League Coach Retreats are fun riding weekends in beautiful places with great people! The League handles all the logistics, cooking, cleaning, and route finding, all you have to do is sign up and show up. Our NorCal Coach Retreats offer rides, talks, meals, swims, and fun with other NorCal League coaches from across northern California. We’ll sit around the firepit at night, enjoy great food and drink, and of course we’ll ride some world class trails together. NorCal is focusing more on youth development year each year, and this year’s retreats will focus on conscious character building, and how coaches can talk about, and help, students build strong character. Bonus! Coaches who attend will receive 2 CEUs. which help fulfill level 2 or level 3 requirements for ongoing training and learning opportunities. These retreats are a way to build relationships while connecting and learning from your fellow coaches.

Retreat Dates and Locations

Location: Downieville

Date: July 16-17, 2022

Join us for a stay at the historic, riverfront Lure Resort where coaches have the option to stay in rustic cabins, or in tents, along the spectacular North Yuba River. Of course, we’ll ride the iconic Downieville Downhill trail, which we will access by personal shuttle. On Sunday there will be two ride options, one longer than the other, so you’ll have plenty of options before making your way home. The trails in Downieville are best suited for advanced riders, so we do not recommend that beginners attend this retreat, unless they prefer to hike or fish during the day, which are also fantastic options.

Location: Bear Valley, Lake Alpine-Silver Valley Campground.

Date: August 20-21

Join us for a weekend of camping in Bear Valley, where the rustic trails are plentiful, and the crowds are non-existent. On Friday and Saturday evenings there will be plentiful food and drink, and some loosely structured conversations about nuances of coaching teens. We’ll also have a representative from the Bear Valley Trail Stewardship join us to chat about the awesome work they are doing to build and maintain the vast trail network in Bear Valley. Sunday morning we will head over to a friend’s cabin for a hearty breakfast and short spin before we head our separate ways.

Location: Mendocino

Date: October 15-16, 2022

The Mendocino Coach Retreat is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the majestic Jackson State Forest, and to experience the flowy, wooded singletrack that’s been purpose built for mountain biking. Coaches will stay at the lovely Heartwood Mendocino property, where you have the option to stay in cozy, canvas tent cabins, or camped out in tents. We’ll do one big group ride on Saturday, followed by dinner under the stars, and a great conversation around the fire. Sunday there will be multiple options from riding, to hiking, to beachcombing. 

Limited space available.

Email with any questions!