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Why We Build

If you build it, they will come

Upcoming Trail Work Days

Join us for a day in the dirt

Trail Work Organizations

We’ve got a few trail building partners to introduce you to.


Why We Build


Hopefully you’ve been able to enjoy the beauty of California while gleefully riding the various trails. There’s a lot of magic out here, but there are many more secrets this state has tucked throughout the mountains, between valleys, from inland to the Pacific, and we’d like to discover those secrets ourselves. With big hearts, determination, and the willingness to sweat, we dig our ways, literally, to the vision of what we know mountain bikes can bring us to; community. We build so that we can know our land and neighbors, and hopefully build these trails together so that we can ride them together.


We once heard a coach say “they is you,” meaning that the “they” you may be thinking about doing all this work is actually you. Without maintaining pre-existing trails and without exploring new opportunities, anything we already have or dream to have vanishes. Make no mistake that any sweet berm, rock garden, bridge, or flow trail wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for hardworking and excited individuals coming together to provide a great riding experience for folks like us.


Upcoming Trail Work Days


Any amount of time you’d be willing to donate to one of our Trail Work Days is greatly appreciated! All of our work days will be listed on our calendar, but feel free to reach out with any questions (hp@norcalmtb.org).


We’ll supply: Tools, gloves, safety glasses, high-fives!


You’ll bring: Strong work ethic, hat, sunscreen, water, and snacks.


Trail Work Organizations

There are a lot of great organizations that are organizing trail work days and making miles of sweet single track throughout the Northern California area. Here are a few that we know and love:


REMBA (Redwood Empire Mountain Bike Alliance)
Est. 2016
Based out of Sonoma County


SBTS (Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship)
Est.  2003
Based out of Plumas and Sierra Counties


IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association)
Est. 1988
Based out of Boulder, CO