Coach Supporters

The coaches on this page are certified Coach Supporters. If you’re in need of a class to acquire or update your credentials, these are the coaches that guide our courses. Questions? Email

Morgan Fletcher, Coach Mentor

“My name is Morgan Fletcher, and I have been a coach in the NorCal League since 2012. I’ve been a Head Coach, I have helped launch teams, and I am a Coach Mentor for the NorCal League, helping to recruit train coaches, and make sure they enjoy the role. I currently volunteer with Oakland Devo and the NorCal League. I’m a lifelong bicycle rider.”

Sean Robertson, Humboldt

“Born and raised in South Africa I started mountain biking in the early 1990’s before I moved to the US in 1996. I have a background of xc racing and really enjoy being outside and moving, appreciating the beauty of our surroundings. I live in Arcata California in the redwoods and have been a team director and coach since 2016.”

Seth Lancaster, Humboldt

Seth Lancaster is a Humboldt native who has explored the trails and back roads of Northern California since 1983. He has coached with the HCMTB since 2019. Seth lived in New Zealand from 2015-2019 where he coached for the Onslow High MTB club and bike-packed extensively across both islands. When he’s not biking, Seth enjoys spending time with his family at their home in the hills of Humboldt County.

John Cheetham, Marin County

Committed to giving back to the cycling community that sustains him, John volunteers as a Coach Supporter for the Oakland Composite High School Mountain Bike Team, Piedmont High Mountain Bike Team, and supplies a training plan and advice to several teams in the Norcal Interscholastic Cycling League. He has also served as director of the Junior Program at Hellyer Velodrome, a co-director of the Earlybird Training Series, and as a coach at USA Cycling Junior Talent ID camps.
Based in Marin County, John enjoys long trail rides and runs, as well as rock climbing and bike park sessions with his family.

Jared Mickel and Christina Bickley, Placer Foothills

Jared and Christina were the Head Coaches of the Placer Foothills Composite team for 6 years, and Ride Leaders for 2 years before that. Jared has his Bike Instructor Certification (BICP) Level I & II classes, and Christina is a trained educator working in middle school science. Since their 2 sons aged out of the NICA program they have continued to serve as Coach Mentors and Bike Skills Instructors. You are also very likely to see them as part of the crew at races
helping out with Line Ups and Course Marshaling.

Hailey Childress, Santa Rosa

Hailey Childress is a mountain biking enthusiast that has turned her passion into a career with the NorCal League. She first started working for the NorCal League on the race crew in 2019 and quickly dove in to help get more kids on bikes. She now works full time for the League as the Program Manager and is very excited to help with the League’s growth in coming years. This includes her duties as a coach instructor. Hailey is stoked to help not only to get more kids on bikes, but to help adults, from all walks of life, become coaches within our league.

Dylan Renn, Truckee

My name is Dylan Renn and I  have been passionate about mountain biking since I was 6 and it has only grown deeper over the years. My love for the sport expanded into racing and then into a professional coaching career. I started to race when I was 13. My early years racing were predominantly cross country for the most part with hill climbs mixed in. As soon as gravity racing started I jumped on board and raced downhill until 2005 transitioning into the pro category. I ventured into racing dual slalom and more recently Enduro as a masters pro. I still race on and off but mostly the past 12 years I’ve transitioned from being a professional athlete to being a professional mountain bike coach. I now own a mtb skills coaching business called A Singletrack Mind.

With understanding the value in training I continue to grow as a coach. With ongoing certifications with the highest level of training through BICP, USA Cycling, NICA, WFR and Betterride, I know learning  never stops.  In 2009 I became a Betterride certified coach and started coaching for my good friend and founder Gene Hamilton as his head coach as well as co-coaching several clinics with world champion Greg Minaar.  As Betterride slimmed down in 2015, I started A Singletrack Mind and offer skills clinics for all ages and levels of riders all over the west coast. 

For 2 consecutive years I worked as the skills coach and head coach for a private high school MTB team. This team finished third in state despite that they were one of the smallest teams in division 1. Their smiles were big and their progress was infinite. Later on I became the head coach and skills coach for several other youth, collegiate, corporate and club teams.

Even as a coach  I still break bicycles on occasion. Being a UBI level 1 and 2 grad  I have a detailed understanding of the mechanics of the bike and fortunately can remedy any failed mechanical issues that frequently occurs in the sport. Besides the technicalities of the bike, really, I enjoy coaching because it gives me a chance to share what I have learned as a rider over the years and as a student. I now spend most of my weekdays and weekends coaching full time rather than racing and I find that it is far more satisfying to see others progress.

My coaching style is a hands-on rider-to-rider approach. I explain, demonstrate then have each rider go through each lesson by applying the skills in varied terrain. The process of improvement is unique to each of my students, but in general, it’s a process of becoming aware, correcting errors and setting personal goals for each rider.  With  all riders and especially the young ones, congratulations are always included to keep them having fun and learning.  I do video analysis as well as take notes on their riding style and improvement. I believe as a teacher it’s my responsibility to provide an environment which will not intimidate the riders so as to help them progress safely and confidently.

Damon Chidester, Sonora
  • Single Father to a incredible 7 yr old daughter
  • Born in Folsom CA
  • Graduated High School in Homer Alaska, eventually ended up in Sonora CA.
  • Been riding MTB before there was MTB on a men’s touring 5 speed in Alaska on the trails.
  • Began racing xc in the mid 90’s as a way to meet other riders, and ride new trails as well.
  • When NorCal league formed, I knew I wanted to participate.
  • After retirement the opportunity happened to partner with a local rider who was a High School principal, and the Sonora MTB composite team was created.
  • We are now going into 4th season, and our team has grown to 37 riders, and life couldn’t be any better!
  • Living the dream!!!
Darin Jesberg, Modesto

Darin is an avid outdoor enthusiast who has been riding and racing mountain bikes for over thirty years. A passionate advocate for the sport, he is involved in a number of local trail advocacy and mountain biking organizations and initiatives.

Darin is currently a Level 3 coach and a team director.

Cari Levine, Napa

Adventure has always been my drive. Snow and water sports were my outlets growing up until I had a bad injury snowboarding. After 6 months of mostly bed rest after multiple surgeries my need for adventure was overwhelming. With the snow season past and my shoulder not ready to be pulled by a boat or surf I felt a need for something new. If I couldn’t be snowboarding through the trees I could learn to mountain bike through them. It just happened to be my birthday. I asked my amazing, super supportive husband for a mountain bike. I wasn’t surprised that he wanted to talk to my orthopedic surgeon first. That all led up to finding my hidden passion for bikes and the most incredible community of friends to come with it. As grateful as I am to have found my passion I wish that came earlier in my life. I could have definitely used another positive outlet in those teen years through high school. My coaching goals now are to not only give the outlet of adventure, stoke, passion, freedom, mental health, connection and friendships but to create lifelong confident cyclists.

Noah Juergenson, Modesto
Noah is an enthusiastic mountain biker with a passion for teaching and working with young adults. After finding out about the great work that NorCal has been doing over the years, it was a great fit. He has been mountain biking for most of his adult life and works as a Level 2 coach, director and administrator for the Modesto Composite Dust Devils.
Errin Odell, Weaverville
“I grew up in the small rural town of Weaverville California.  During the summer I spent my time hunting, fishing, and riding mountain bikes in the woods.  Later in college I decided to play around in a different medium.  I learned to white water kayak and windsurf in my spare time.  When my second daughter came on the scene, the water sports had to end.  Progression with white water and windsurfing became too dangerous and time consuming.  I also realized that my work on creating a “dad bod” had peaked.  It was time to work on my health.  I bought a used road bike and started commuting to work.  In this world you meet people that have a profound impact on your life path.  This has happened to me through cycling.  I met this guy on the way to work that rides centuries for fun???  Then I met this guy from Wales that used to be an ultra marathoner.  We started riding together and training for the Tour of the Unknown Coast.  Now twenty years later I feel I owe my health and quality of life to cycling and the people I have met through cycling.  That is why I coach!  If I can get a kid on a bike….I potentially have changed their life for the better.  My goal is to be the best coach and mentor for the beginner riders I possibly can.  If I can teach them to ride a bike, I have potentially improved the quality of their life.  I have to thank Sean Robertson for starting the Humboldt Composite Team.  It has given me the opportunity to watch kids (including both my daughters) confidence and self esteem grow through the program.”
Brian Popplewell, Santa Rosa

“I was first introduced to mountain bikes while on a family vacation during high school, long before the Norcal League; Since then, I’ve been hooked. I worked on and off in the bicycle industry for most of my career, which is how I became involved with the league. For ten years, I worked as the Community Engagement Manager for Mike’s Bikes, a top-level sponsor of Norcal, attending each race as the neutral support mechanic. Over the years, I became increasingly involved with the league by coaching and ultimately managing Norcal League summer camps, joining the Race Crew, producing video content, and becoming a coach trainer. As someone who started mountain biking in high school without a league to participate in, I am motivated to help grow the sport and encourage our youth to join the community.”