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Learn everything you need to know to start a mountain bike team.  Click here.

Coach License Program

Now you need a trained coach! Get more info on that information here.

Liability Insurance

Does your school wonder about our liability insurance? Find out about it here.

NICA Quickstart Guide

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Team Roster

The NorCal League has two conferences. Click here to learn which location is included in the South Conference and which in the North Conference.


We provide a limited number of partial and full scholarships to riders in need of financial assistance. Learn more about our scholarship program here.


The first step for many successful coaches is attending our fall coaches conference: the Leaders Summit.  The leaders summit is a great opportunity for new coaches to ask any questions they may have and learn about all the resources the League can provide.


Administrators, teaches, parents, students and/or community members can start a cycling club at their local high school.  Extensive cycling experience is not necessary. One should simply have the desire to introduce kids to the sport of mountain biking.


A NorCal League mountain bike team can be any size, but the amount of racers a given team can bring to a race is capped at 30. Teams are broken into Division 1 and Division 2 categories based on their team size (and not their school size). Please see the rulebook for more info on Division specifics.


Registration for NorCal League teams happens mid-October. At this time anyone who intends to coach a team should register with the League so that they are covered under our insurance. League teams are limited to the number of weeks they can have pre-season practice. In addition, teams are not insured outside of these limits. Teams can commence limited pre-season activities on October 15th. Allowable pre-season activities are bike checks, fun rides, mechanical workshops or skills clinics. Between October 15th and November 31st, teams are allowed to have up to 6 scheduled pre-season activities. Regular training practice (3-4 times a week) can commence on December 1st. All team rides or other training activities must end within two weeks of the final League race. A more detailed description can be found in the rulebook.


The NorCal League currently spans from Salinas all the way to Nevada City. If you are interested in starting a team outside of the current League, reach out to Vanessa, the League Director.


The NorCal League and NICA are committed to making sure every student-athlete and coach have the best chance possible to participate in all events. Thanks to the many NorCal League Supporters for contributing to the NorCal League scholarship fund.


Scholarships are available for race and camp registration. Scholarships are need based and awarded based on fund availability. Scholarships rarely exceed 50%.


Scholarships are available for Leaders’ Summit, Wilderness First Aid  and CPR fees, and On-the-Bike Skills clinics, as well as NICA coach licensing fees. Scholarships are need based and awarded based on fund availability. Scholarships rarely exceed 50%.

Fill out the Scholarship Application Form here


Scholarship Reporting: Scholarship recipients are required to complete an online “Scholarship Fund Impact Survey” upon completion of the riding season for which they received their grant. Recipients are also encouraged to submit photographs and videos from their activities during the season including; racing, training with the team, coaching and instruction, etc. Information on how to complete this survey will be provided to grantees.

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