We build strong body, mind, character, and community through the inclusive sport of high school cycling. 

Core Values: Fun, Inclusivity, Equity, Respect, and Community.

Being able to participate in the NorCal league has meant so much to me. I love meeting like minded people who just want to go outside and have fun. I have gained so many friends and so many connections in the bike world and I will be forever grateful for them. I love the league and all the kick ass people in the league! 

Jessica Moser

Varsity Girls, Casa Grande High School

As a timid freshman new to racing, the NorCal League provided me an encouraging, supportive environment to find my own competitive spirit. When my commitment to riding and racing grew, the love and camaraderie of the NorCal community didn’t falter; I felt accepted and welcomed by fellow riders, coaches, and NorCal staff, regardless of my outlook on racing. Four years later, I can safely say that I’ve found and pushed my both my physical and mental limits, learned how to truly have fun on a bike, and met some of my closest friends along the way.

Audrey Fehlhaber

Varsity, Sir Francis Drake High School