The GRiT Ambassador application for 2022 opens October 15th-30th, 2021.

Any questions regarding GRiT please email Hailey Childress at

What it means to be a GRiT Ambassador: 


NorCal is looking for female student-athletes who are passionate about growing female participation in mountain biking! Our NorCal GRiT [Girls Riding Together] ambassador program is aimed at doing just that…getting #moregirlsonbikes. NorCal GRiT ambassadors are current NorCal League student-athletes who have raced for at least one year in the League are excited to help get more high school aged girls on bikes. 

GRiT ambassadors are role models that organize, outreach, support, and encourage other female identifying student-athletes to find joy and empowerment through cycling. Coming together and embracing each other as female athletes is empowering and GRiT values this. GRiT ambassadors are always thinking about ways to bring more girls into the sport, and particularly girls from all races, geographic regions, and socio-economic backgrounds. GRiT ambassadors are inclusive, and full of stoke for cycling. They are also welcoming, positive, supportive, kind, and passionate about life. 

Skills ambassadors should possess great organizing and planning skills as well as excellent communication and teaching skills. Ambassadors  should also be comfortable encouraging girls outside of the NorCal High School Cycling League to learn more about, and possibly join, our organization. There will be five GRiT ambassadors selected from each conference (5 for North and 5 for South) each season. 

Be a part of the change and help the NorCal League get more girls on bikes!

GRiT Ambassadorship expectations:

* GRiT ambassadorships will span one full NorCal season. If you want to reapply to be a GRiT ambassador for a second season, you must do so between October 15-30, which is the start of the pre-season.

* Must have raced a minimum of one season with the NorCal League.
* Must organize a minimum of 3 GRiT events per season. The NorCal GRiT coordinator, Hailey Childress, will assist you in all the planing 🙂
* 1 of your 3 events must be an off-bike event e.g. trailwork, recruitment event, fundraiser, or yoga class.
* Attend as many NorCal League GRiT events as possible and encourage the girls in your local area to participate.
* Post 1 social media announcement per GRiT event that the ambassador has attended (or hosted) to help spread the word about the program. You can talk about a GRIT event, summarize a race, talk about getting #moregirlsonbikes, or whatever inspires you. We will leave the content up to you but please be in your GRiT tshirt/jersey and use the following hashtags. Use #moregirlsonbikes #GRiT #NorCalGRiT and always tag @norcalleague
* Tag our sponsors in your social media GRiT posts if their products are in your photos. Click here to check out our sponsors.  
* Uphold all NorCal/NICA rules and values- be a great role model.
* Inspire other young women to build confidence, strength of character and empowerment through mountain biking. Equally encourage everyone!
* Provide a fun and welcoming environment for all participants, regardless of experience and ability.
* Participate in some group discussions between all NorCal GRiT ambassadors to gain input and better improve our program.
* Follow the NorCal GRiT club on Strava (This official club is open to current female racers, female coaches, alumni, and moms only.)
* Attend GRiT summit (one national or one regional). *This is negotiable


Benefits for Ambassadors


  • A NICA/NorCal GRiT jersey
  • A NICA/NorCal GRiT shirt to wear at GRiT events
  • GRiT Ambassador retreat- spend the day/weekend with other GRiT ambassadors on and off the bike. *when we can safely gather due to covid-19
  • Swag from our sponsors. 
  • A letter of recommendation can be provided upon request after one season of ambassadorship is completed to satisfaction.
  • A 10% discount to all NorCal races
  • Community service hours for your school’s graduation requirement 
  • GRiT Ambassador title for your college resume or job applications