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Race Info/Flyers

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We use our current rulebook as a guide to manage risk and promote a safe, inclusive environment for all student-athletes.


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Race Results

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RACE INFO – Happy Off-Season!

We will be releasing 2024 race flyers when we have finalized venues.

Race flyers will give you all the information about the races for the upcoming season. If you have any questions that you’re not finding answers to from the flyers, give us a holler ( Here’s info on the weather policy, because sometimes things change! 

Race Results

 Race Results are posted within 24hrs of the end of the race.  If you are confused about points, consult the rulebook first. If you are still confused, email Robert Picard.

Overall Individual results will begin dropping the lowest race result starting after race #3. In other words, the Overall Individual results for the third race will only add up two races, and drop your lowest race score.

Click here for past years’ results.

Use the drop-down menus to find the results you’re looking for.

Staging Info

Student-athletes may arrive at the staging gates less than 15 minutes before the start of their race. 

Priority staging: student-athletes with a priority are assigned to a group. High school includes call-ups which can be from 1-15 or more riders. After call-ups are “A Group” then “B Group” up to “E Group” depending on the category. Junior development does not have ‘call-ups’ but has groups. 

General staging: student-athletes that do not have a priority and are not listed under any priority group stage at general staging.

If you identify any issues with staging, please contact, these awesome individuals will help you as soon as possible. Thank you!

For Junior Development: There will be a staging board with priority staging information. Some student-athletes will be assigned to “Group D” based on their performance, placing them behind groups a-c, and ahead of groups e-general. If a student-athlete’s name is not listed in a priority group, they are supposed to stage with the “General” group.

Category Placement

NICA Category placement rules are covered in the NorCal/NICA Handbook. Category placement is based on the previous season’s race results. Riders who participated last season can find their category placement in the following tables.

For new riders, or returning riders who did not participate last season, category placement is based on grade. 6th-8th graders = Middle School, 9th graders =Freshman, 10th graders = Sophomore, 11th-12th graders = JV.

Category upgrade petitions: A student can petition to upgrade to a higher category. 9th through 10th graders may only petition to race JV or Varsity; 11th and 12th graders may only petition to race Varsity. 6th, 7th, and 8th graders must race in their current grade category, and may not petition to race in other middle school, or high school, categories.

To be approved for an upgrade, students must establish that they lack competition in their present category, either through actual NorCal race results or non-league
races of similar length that preferably include current NorCal riders in the target category.

After discussing a potential upgrade with their coaches, students should fill out the petition form, including the head coach’s email address; once submitted, a separate form will be sent to the coach for their comments (so it’s important the Coach email is correct in the student submission).

NorCal Championship

NorCal Championships Qualifications: 

One of the unique things about high school cycling in the NorCal League is that we combine cumulative points over the season, so that after the semi-finals we can award race season “overall” awards to the top 5 athletes in each category. 

  • In order to qualify for championship races, riders must participate in a minimum of 2 races this season.  All Varsity athletes that have participated in a minimum of 2 races automatically qualify for the championship race. 
  • For all other high school categories athletes must have competed in a minimum of 2 races to qualify for championships.
  • The top 100 riders in the league automatically qualify for the championship races. The total number of Redwood/Repack athletes vs East Bay/Central athletes that qualify will correspond to the proportion each region contributes to total league ridership in each category. (For example: if Redwood/Repack represents 45% and East Bay/Central represents 55% of total ridership for a given category, the regions will have 45 riders and 55 riders respectively). 
  • Overall Series scoring for individuals is based on the best 3 of 4 in a four-race series. In other words, the lowest score is dropped

Athletes who feel they came close to qualifying or lacked the opportunity to qualify due to academic, health reasons or schedule changes may petition to compete at the NorCal championships at Six Sigma, space permitting. For East Bay/Central you may petition any time until May 2nd.  For redwood/repack The petition window is very tight – any athlete that wishes to petition must do so on Tuesday, May 2nd from 9 am to midnight after this deadline petitions will not be accepted.

Athletes who came close to qualifying may petition to compete at the NorCal Championship, space in their category permitting. 
High school only, race day is May 7th. May 6th is pre-ride.

NorCal Championships FAQs: 

Q1. Why in the Race 4 call-ups is the points not total points?
A1. In the NorCal League, lowest scores are dropped for Race 4 call-ups; points shown are the sum of the best 2 out of 3 finish scores.This allows students who’ve upgraded categories, or missed races due to illness or academic conflicts, to have at least one chance to start a race in and around the riders they are competitive with, which reduces the amount of passing. It also gives riders a preview of how the final overall standings will sort out. The policy has been in place since the 2019 season [Handbook, Appendix B, Page 73]    

Q2. My 7th grader finished 1st in race 2, then missed race 3 because we were traveling for spring break. Why is he/she not in the top group? 
A2. Junior development category overall standings and leaders’ jerseys are not tracked, unlike with high school categories. Depending on wave size we reserve the right to place the junior development student-athletes in groups based on finishing times from the previous race. [Handbook, Appendix B, Page 76] 

Q3. Can I petition for a better call-up? I’m a super fast racer but I had to miss two NorCal races.
A3. No, your call-up number is your series overall position, which can be found under Individual Results – Series Overall in race results for the most recent race on the league website. Your position in overall standings is earned through both performance and attendance. [Handbook, 6.10.F.3, Page 62; Appendix B, Page 73]

Q4. I just signed my kid up for their first race and don’t see their name in the call-ups list. I’m worried that they are not eligible to race.

A4. You can confirm that your child is registered by looking for their name in the start list under the third tab at the bottom. If they have not raced yet this season, they will not be on the high school call-ups list (because your call-up number is your series overall position), or the junior development staging groups list (because that is determined by placement in the previous race), and they should stage with the last group listed, 15 minutes before their race start.