Would you like a pit zone location reserved for your team without having to show up early to get it? Based on the number of registered racers, we will calculate the proportional number of volunteer shifts needed from each team.  This number will change as athletes continue to register until the deadline or as volunteer needs are fine-tuned.  Teams that sign up for volunteer shifts by the close of registration with 100% of volunteers needed and higher will have first priority, those with 75-99% will have second, those with 50-74% will have third, and those <50% will have last priority.  Teams who pit together will either be counted together (recommended) or will need to achieve the same priority.
Have questions? Email us at volunteer@norcalmtb.org

Sign Up to Volunteer

Click the link below to volunteer and help your team earn a priority pit location.

Pit Priority

Pit locations are assigned based on the number of volunteers we need from your team. 

NICA Volunteer Guidelines

It is important for our volunteers to be aware of and adhere to the NICA Volunteer Guidelines linked below.