Would you like a pit zone location reserved for your team without having to show up early to get it?  Know how the League is always begging for volunteers in order to get races started? Well, starting with the second race in 2022, we have a volunteer incentive program to get volunteers registered before the races, so we can continue to produce high quality events, with a focus on risk management and fun. Here’s how it will work.
Based on the number of registered racers, we will calculate how many volunteers we need per team. Teams that sign up for volunteer shifts [in advance of race weekend] with 100% and higher will have first priority, those with 50-99% will have second, those with 25-49% will have third, and those 24% and under will have last priority.
To give you an idea what that might look like based on the registered riders- as of January 12th for the first race at Exchequer- the East Bay and Central Regions should fill one volunteer spot for every 3 registered racers, and the Redwood and Repack Regions should fill 1 volunteer spot for every 4 registered racers.  Once registration closes on February 13th, we will post a spreadsheet showing all the teams and the number of registered riders for each race and expected number of volunteer shifts to fill.  The Monday before each of the races, we will add the number of shifts filled and the percentage of the total.  We will then contact the head coach in order, so that they can pick their perfect pit zone location.  How exciting is that?!
Have questions? Email Cheryl at volunteer@norcalmtb.org

Race 1: All regions

2/26 East Bay Region & Central Region 

junior development + high school 

 2/27 Redwood Region & Repack Region

junior development + high school

 3/11 pre-ride for all categories 

3/12 junior development race & HS pre-ride

3/13 high school race

3/18 pre-ride for all categories

3/19 junior development race & HS pre-ride

3/20 high school race

4/1 pre-ride for all categories

4/2 high school race & JD pre-ride

4/3 junior development race 

4/8 pre-ride for all categories

4/9 high school race & JD pre-ride

4/10 junior development race 

Semi finals: All regions

4/30 Redwood Region & Repack Region 

junior development + high school 

5/1 East Bay & Central Region

 high school

Other Events