How do I obtain pro deals from sponsors?

  • You can check out deals here.

Who can attend camp?

  • Student-athletes 6-12 grade unless specified otherwise on that camp’s page

How do I volunteer to help at camp?

  • Please fill out this form, we will be in touch.:)

How do I become a coach?

  • Ask the head coach-or team director of the team you are joining to invite you to begin your coach training in the Pit Zone. Looking for a team? Go here.

How do I become an independent coach?

  • Fill out this form and we will be in touch.

Where should I go for custom team kits?

  • HyperThreads, you can contact Greg@hyperthreads.com and let him know you are part of the NorCal League.

When does the season start?

  • The NorCal League pre-season opens October 15, and between then and January 1, teams may submit a request to host up to 6 events/practices. The race season runs between February and May. For pre-season activities go here and fill out the form.

When does the season end?

  • June 1.

How do I apply for insurance for an event I am holding when I need to name an additionally insured?

  • Please fill out this form. Be sure to fill this form out two weeks prior to the event.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

  • Go here to apply for a scholarship.

Who is eligible for a scholarship?

  • Student-athletes and coaches.

How do I petition to a new category?

  • Go here to learn more about petitioning to a new category.

How do I petition results?

I am homeschooled, how can I join the League?

  • You can ride as an independent student-athlete. For more information, email jen@norcalmtb.org.

Who can join the League?

  • Student-athletes currently in 6-12 grade and those looking to coach.

How do I join a team?

  • Find a team near you and reach out to the contact listed for that team. They can help get you started.

If I just want to host a ride to see if kids re interested, can I do it without adding them to Pit Zone?

  • For any rider that is participating – whether they plan to race or ride, they must be registered in the NICA Pit Zone and listed as practice ready before they attend practices. A rider is allowed to Try-it-out one time only. In those instances, you must have them fill out the NICA waiver and be sure to collect their medical and emergency contact information before allowing them to attend the one time practice. If after that, if they would like to continue with the team, they must be fully registered in the NICA Pit Zone.
    Remember the regular season does not officially start until December 1st. Starting Oct 15, teams are allowed to have up to six (6) scheduled pre-season activities (bike checks and/or fits, mechanical workshops, fun rides, or skills clinics). These activities must be pre-approved by the League Director. Please refer to the Team Training Limits for guidance on acceptable activities and for access to the Pre-Season Activity Approval form.

What are the fees for 2022?

  • $50 NorCal League registration fee +$40 NICA registration fee-, then $50 per race. $250 High School Season Pass (all 4 races, plus NICA and NorCal fees, plus custom race plate with your name on it!)…$40 savings, regularly $290.00 (and will be $290 after deadline). $210 Junior Development Season Pass (all 3 races, plus NICA and NorCal fees, plus custom race plate with your name on it!)…$30 savings, regularly $240.00 (and will be $240 after deadline).

*High school student-athletes must qualify to compete in Race #5, so registration for that race will not open until after Race #4.

*We will only be doing online registration, which will always cutoff the Wednesday before the race.*Replacement plates are $20 each*There will be three races for middle schoolers in the 2022 season. Races #4 and #5 are high school only; however, of course middle schoolers are welcome to come and cheer them on.

*$250 team registration fee ( D1 and D2 teams will pay the same, reduced fee in 2022), this is payed by the team’s head coach.

*$25 Coach licensing fee

How do I become a League sponsor?

How do I find a team near me?

  • Go here and use the interactive map to find a team near you.

If there are no teams at my high school how can I join the League?

  • There are a couple of options: you can find a composite team near you by locating them on this map. If there are no composite teams near you, you can ride as an independent and email jen@norcalmtb.org. Better yet, you can work on starting a team! Click here for info on starting a team.

Do I need to take MTB 201?

  • Right now, MTB 201 is not required but it does work for earning CEU’s to maintain your level status.

How do I get an MTB clinic scheduled in my area?

  • Fill out this form to get a clinic scheduled in your area.

How many coaches do I need to have to get an MTB clinic scheduled in my area?

  • We need a minimum of 6 coaches to hold a clinic, that does not mean you have to have a total of 6 coaches ready to register but it is recommended. We will do our best to recruit more coaches to sign up for the clinic as well.

What CPR and/or first aid courses meet the requirements with the League?

  • Visit the NICA page here.

How do I enter my field work hours?

  • You wil enter field work hours through Litmos. If you are having trouble locating where to enter them in Litmos then email Julia@nationalmtb.org.

How do I earn CEU’s?

  • Visit NICA’s page on earning CEU’s here.

List of people that do not need to take First Aid

How can I schedule a NICA-approved first aid class for my team?

How do I volunteer?

  • Visit our volunteer page to see what volunteer opportunities we have.