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Find out more about our races, weather policy, and how to qualify for State Championships.

Race Results

From Individual to Overall, your latest results will be posted within 24 hrs of the race.  Click to see how your team did.

Team List

Here is a link to the team list, which teams are Division 1 and Division 2.  There are two tabs, toggle between them at the top to see the team list for each conference.

Race 1 Call-ups & Group Lists

Check out your call-up position, or whether you’re in Blue or Gold group.

NorCal/NICA Rulebook

Things not adding up?  Check out the NICA Rule Book for official documentation from how points are calculated to when your team can start practicing.

Pit Zone Registration

Before you can race, you must register. Click here to begin the process.

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2021 NorCal Race Schedule

Race flyers will give you all the information about the races for the upcoming season. If you have any questions that you’re not finding answers from the flyers, give us a holler (admin@norcalmtb.org). Here’s info on the weather policy, because sometimes things change! If for some reason you are unable to attend a race you have registered for go here and be sure to email admin@norcalmtb.org.

Race Results


Race Results are posted within 24hrs of the end of the race.  If you are confused about points, consult the rulebook first. If you are still confused, email Robert Picard.

Overall Individual results will begin dropping the lowest race result starting after race #3. In other words, the Overall Individual results for the third race will only add up two races, and drop your lowest race score.

 Click here for past years’ results.

To view race results click on the highlighted link for your region below.

Race # 1

Repack, Capital, and Redwood Regions

April 24, 2021

 East Bay and Central Regions

April 25, 2021 


Race # 2

Repack, Capital, and Redwood Regions

May 1, 2021

 East Bay and Central Regions

May 2, 2021 

Race # 3

Repack, Capital, and Redwood Regions

May 15, 2021

 East Bay and Central Regions

May 16, 2021 

2021 Category Placement


Normally, category placement is based on riders’ top two finishes from the previous 5-race season, along with overall season standings. For 2021, we only have a single race from last season to assess results from, so we applied the placement criteria laid out in the NICA Handbook and modified it to be based on a single result:

If you feel that result does not represent your true capabilities, you may petition for a category upgrade. The online petition form can be found here. Petitions should be filled out by the student athletes themselves – not their coaches or parents. 

When filling out the petition, try to convince the rules committee that you’re capable of more than the 2020 Race 1 results indicate. It’s best to cite verifiable results –from recent races, or solo or virtual challenges you’ve done. If you’re a junior or senior, you can reference 2019 results. 

Once you fill in, sign and submit the petition form, it will go to your coach for recommendations and approval. After that, it goes on to the rules committee, who will make a final decision and get back to you in about a week.