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From Individual to Overall, your latest results will be posted within 24 hrs of the race.  Click to see how your team did.

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Here is a link to the team list, which teams are Division 1 and Division 2.  There are two tabs, toggle between them at the top to see the team list for each conference.

Category Placement


What you need to know about your racing category this season.

Race Call-ups

Race Season

Check out your call-up position for an upcoming race.

NorCal/NICA Rulebook

Things not adding up?  Check out the NICA Rule Book for official documentation from how points are calculated to when your team can start practicing.

Pit Zone Registration

Before you can race, you must register. Click here to begin the process.

Register for the Season Pass by 12/31/22 for $40 off and a custom number plate with your name on it! Excludes registration for NorCal Champs.

*You will notice we have removed the Capital region, the Capital region has been merged with the Redwood Region.


Be advised that current Race Flyers have tentative course maps and other details that are subject to change.

Race flyers will give you all the information about the races for the upcoming season. If you have any questions that you’re not finding answers from the flyers, give us a holler (admin@norcalmtb.org). Here’s info on the weather policy, because sometimes things change! 

NorCal Championship – May 6-7: Six Sigma

NorCal Championships qualifications:

One of the unique things about high school cycling in the NorCal League is that we combine cumulative points over the season, so that after the semi-finals we can award race season “overall” awards to the top 5 athletes in each category. 

From the NICA/NorCal rulebook: “Overall Series scoring for individuals is based on the best 4 of 5 in a five-race series or the best 3 of 4 in a four-race series. In other words, the lowest score is dropped. If there are fewer than four races in the series, no score will be dropped.” 

Athletes who came close to qualifying may petition to compete at the NorCal Championship, space in their category permitting. 

Race Results

 Race Results are posted within 24hrs of the end of the race.  If you are confused about points, consult the rulebook first. If you are still confused, email Robert Picard.

Overall Individual results will begin dropping the lowest race result starting after race #3. In other words, the Overall Individual results for the third race will only add up two races, and drop your lowest race score.

Click here for past years’ results.

*To view individual results, individual results by team, individual results- series overall, and prologue

individual results (Junior Development) then use the drop-down menu of the results page .

To view race results click on the highlighted link for your region below.

Race Call-Ups

If you identify any issues with call-ups please contact rules@norcalmtb.org, these two awesome individuals will help you as soon as possible. Thank you!

CALL-UPS for Championship race
Champs race call-ups require that registration be closed and the list of participants set. As such the call-ups list will be posted within 24 hours of registration closing – by midnight, May 17. CALL-UPS EXPLAINED, HERE!

2023 Category Placement

NICA Category placement rules are covered in the NorCal/NICA Handbook. Category placement is based on the previous season’s race results. Riders who participated last season can find their category placement in the following tables.

For new riders, or returning riders who did not participate last season, category placement is based on grade. 6th-8th graders = Middle School, 9th graders =Freshman, 10th graders = Sophomore, 11th-12th graders = JV. 

Category upgrade petitions: A student can petition to upgrade to a higher category. 9th through 10th graders may only petition to race JV or Varsity; 11th and 12th graders may only petition to race Varsity. 6th, 7th, and 8th graders must race in their current grade category, and may not petition to race in other middle school, or high school, categories.

To be approved for an upgrade, students must establish that they lack competition in their present category, either through actual NorCal race results or non-league
races of similar length that preferably include current NorCal riders in the target category.

After discussing a potential upgrade with their coaches, students should fill out the petition form, including the head coach’s email address; once submitted, a separate form will be sent to the coach for their comments (so it’s important the Coach email is correct in the student submission).