Our NorCal Teen Trail Corps [TTC] program provides student-athletes, coaches, and teams opportunities to get involved in bike and trail advocacy in their communities. As mountain bikers, and outdoor enthusiasts in general, we believe in the importance of giving back in order to serve and protect the places we love to play. We also believe that volunteering to better the environment is instrumental in positive character development, so we are committed to providing avenues for our NorCal League family to get involved. In 2019 we began asking coaches to track their TTC bike and trail advocacy hours in the NICA Pit Zone so we could better understand the impact of this program; watching the numbers grow each year has been incredibly rewarding!

 In 2020, even though our season was cancelled early due to covid-19, NorCal teams managed to log a collective 1743 hours. So, we’ve decided to throw out a challenge to double that number in 2021 to 3500 hours!

We’re rounding up some rad prizes for the top 5 student-athletes, and top 5 teams, that log the most TTC hours in 2021 (hint, last year it was Oakland Devo).

Ready to get started? There are a number of ways to get involved in our Teen Trail Corps Program:


  • Ask your coach to organize a trail or advocacy project for your team, or organize one yourself. Use these resources to help, and of course be sure your coach tracks everyone’s hours in your team Pit Zone so you get credit.
  • Bookmark this page to find frequent updates and opportunities.
  • Reach out to the trail advocacy organization in your community and find out how you can get involved. Volunteer with them and send your coach your hours.
  • Submit your volunteer info to NICA and earn badges, not to mention get great experience for your resume or college application.
  • Share these resources with your parents and coaches

Trail Work Hours Completed

Upcoming Trail Work Days

November 21st:

The NorCal League will be partnering with Access4Bikes for a trail work day in Tamarancho. The work that will be completed will include brush clearing and log cutting due to dry soil conditions. Strict COVID guidelines will be implemented for the protection of our participants and communities. Two small cohorts will be organized for additional safety. Please bring a personal bottle of hand sanitizer, your own water (we recommend at least two liters per person), snacks, safety gloves and glasses, and of course your stoke!

HERE is the link to sign up.


November 28th: Cancelled

The NorCal League will be hosting a trail work day at Six Sigma Ranch & Winery. We will have a morning crew and an evening crew to keep cohorts small and safe. The trail work we will be performing will include the first stages of building a new course. This will consist of staging and implementing cattle guards and clearing brush. COVID-19 guidelines will be strictly adhered by. To minimize risk, lunch will not be served however snack bars and beverages will be provided. Please bring protective eyewear and gloves as well as water (a minimum of two two liters recommended per person). We are excited for new prospects at Six Sigma and hope that you will join us to achieve this prospect.
Sign up by emailing hailey@norcalmtb.org