Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t ride your bike!

Participants will learn mountain bike basics ranging from how to climb, how to descend, cornering in switchbacks, proper body balancing on their bikes, and many other helpful riding skills. All of these camps will be held at our friend’s private property in Petaluma, which means we’ll have use of the sweet trails all to ourselves!

These camps are a great way for beginner riders to improve their skills, hang out with riders from other schools, and have a good time riding bikes! Hosted by NorCal League staff, guest skills instructors, and top-notch League coaches, these camps are a great way to kick off the 2021 season.

For NorCal High School Cycling League 2021 day camps


COVID-19 Camp Safety Guidelines


  • Camp size will adhere to current CA Department of Health guidelines for covid-19 safety for youth sports. As of 10/20/20 the allowable ratio is 14-2.
  • All participants must complete and submit our online COVID pre-screening form the morning of camp, before they arrive onsite. 
  • Camp participants may not attend if they have had a fever, shortness of breath or any other covid-19 symptoms within the last two weeks, or have been in contact with someone who has recently been covid-19 positive. 
  • Masks/face coverings must be worn at all times outside of the socially distant lunch break, during water consumption, and when at least ten feet apart while riding one’s bicycle. 
  • A minimum of 6 feet of distance from others is required during camp, and absolutely while masks/face covering are temporarily off to eat or drink.
  • Frequent hand washing and sanitizing is required
  • Meals will not be provided. Participants will pack their own lunches, and pack out their own garbage/recycling. We will provide individually wrapped nutrition bars and individual beverages during breaks. 
  • No refilling of water will be available at camp. All participants must come with a minimum of two filled water bottles, and preferably more.
  • Every participant needs to bring a personal size bottle of hand sanitizer with them to use throughout the day. 
  • Participants must come to camp with a bicycle that is fit to them, and is in good working condition. We aspire to not work on bikes during camp, to mitigate the potential transfer of germs.
  • Should a participant become sick at any time during camp, or within days after the camp, they are to notify League staff immediately. Hailey@norcalmtb.org


Baumann Ranch Specific Safety Guidelines


  • Upon arrival at the Baumann Ranch, drivers will be directed to the drop off area, where student-athletes will have enough room to socially distance from others being dropped off. Guardians will remain inside their vehicles during drop off, and will then exit the property. *Guardians are to remain in their cars as much as possible, and if they do emerge, they must be masked.
  • As participants approach the check-in area, they will go through a “safety net” which consists of a NorCal staff member taking their temperature with a touchless thermometer, asking screening questions particular to covid-19, and requiring them to wash their hands thoroughly.


  • There will be no onsite registration or payment. All payment and registration must be completed prior to participants arriving at camp.
  • There will be no paper waivers available onsite. These paperless waivers will be a part of your online registration process and must be submitted before arriving to camp (***You will not be able to complete this online while onsite due to a lack of cellular service). 
  • Skills work will be “hands off” and no drills will necessitate participants being closer than 6 feet to one another.
  • Only two people will be allowed on the pump track at the same time
  • Mask wearing will be strictly enforced throughout the entirety of camp
  • Participants may not hug, high five, fist bump or have any physical contact with others
  • Participants may not enter the main ranch house property area at anytime
  • Upon conclusion of camp, participants will be collected by their guardians in the same designated area that they were dropped off. Guardians are to remain in their cars as much as possible, and if they do emerge, they must be masked.


*** Any participants that fail to adhere by all stated guidelines will be dismissed and shall leave the premises immediately upon dismissal. 

Beginner Camp (Cancelled due to covid-19 restrictions)

When: January 16 and January 17, 2021, two separate day camps

Where: 480 Wilson Hill Rd, Petaluma CA

Who: This camp is for riders riding for less than 1 year, co-ed

Cost: $50

Drop-off: 8am

Pick-up: 4pm

Intermediate Camp (Cancelled due to covid-19)

When: February 6 and February 13, 2021, two separate day camps

Where: 480 Wilson Hill Rd, Petaluma CA

Who: Riding with the NorCal League for 1+ years, co-ed

Cost: $50

Drop-off: 8am

Pick-up: 4pm