I am the guy who answer questions for coaches, and provides guidance. I don’t know all the answers, or even most, but I chase them down and get them. Here are some recent questions and answers:

Q: Is there a video with a lot of the information contained in the NICA bike skills course? 
A: No, however NICA is working on a Learning Management System (LMS), which could contain this information. The LMS will be integrated with Pit Zone.
Q: Where should I keep the funds my team gets? 
A: Read Managing Team Finances, a document that is part of the Team Starter Kit.
Q: I am getting really close to having a first informational and sign up meeting for students, parents and volunteers. Do you have any tips on what information would be best to provide students and parents with at a first meeting? 
A: I have to answer this one with my own personal experience. Oakland Composite often does two meetings; one in December to explain what the general program is, and a subsequent information in January or February with more detailed information about the season, focusing specifically on races, logistics, costs, kit, etc. In 2018 we combined them into one. Here’s the agenda.
Q: Looking at Pit Zone, license status, there is a “Level 3 exam”. If I go to the Coach License Program there is a link for “Level 3 exam”, which takes me to a login. What is it, and is it different from the Risk Management exams? 
A: That is the coach license exam. It covers content from the coach manual and is generally taken after attending the Coach Summit.
Q: I have a brand new team, I am a brand new coach. What should I do my first year? 
A: Read the Team Starter Kit materials, get the training from the NorCal League and do your best, as Head Coach to get to level 2. Register your team in Pit Zone. Recruit kids and coaches. You don’t have to race your first season, you could simply get kids riding together in an organized, safe fashion. I’d recommend you bring your team to at least one race, to see what they are like. Encourage your kids to attend a NorCal League winter camp.

What are your answers to these questions? Do you have questions you’d like answered? Send questions and answers to me, coachmorgan@norcalmtb.org.

Dana Ludington is starting a team in Quincy, CA. Pete and Amber Sainsbury are starting a team in Downieville, CA. These will be our first teams in Plumas and Sierra Counties, respectively. Congrats, Dana, Pete and Amber! You can read more about Dana’s new team here.

Reminder: We are hosting NorCal League Coaching Summits 11/17 & 11/18 in Folsom, CA and 1/12 & 1/13 in Santa Cruz, CA. These are really valuable for new, and returning coaches alike, and will give you what you need to level up. More info here. Join me!