NICA On-the-Bike-Skills Training
in Nevada City last weekend
photo by Morgan Fletcher

Hey NorCal coaches,

Happy Holidays!
You all made lots of great stuff happen for your teams and student-athletes, in 2018. So, it struck me that I should ask you why you coach. Here’s a brief video, in your words, regarding coaching a high school mtb squad: Why Do You Coach?

The final NorCal Coach Summit for the 2019 season is on January 12-13 at Specialized Headquarters in Morgan Hill. If you want to get to level 2, or level 3, everything you need is available at this Summit. As a reminder, Level 2 coaches have the requirements to lead high school practices and rides, but there must be one Level 3 Head Coach on each team. Saturday, 1/12, offers a series of workshops tailored to both new and returning coaches, which includes breakout sessions, and a chance to share experiences and knowledge with coaches from across NorCal. Sunday, 1/13, we are hosting NICA on the Bike Skills trainings 101 & 201: 101 in the morning, 201 in the afternoon. I’ll be there, teaching, and I hope you will be, too.

Thanks for all you do!

Morgan Fletcher
NorCal Coach Mentor